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If you've even thought about going under the knife, or even getting filler, think again. Take a look at your own risk.
Almost as if they've emerged from a fairy tale or your deepest fantasies, these magical paths are real.
These makeup disasters are so bad, they're practically disgusting. You'll never forget how crazy these look!
The newest trend on Instagram is guys transforming through the power of makeup. Look closely and maybe you can learn their secrets!
DIY fun, FABULOUS hair ideas to try!
Women come in all shapes and sizes, literally, from Kardashian to Keira Knightley. Here are the 10 female body types that are most common.
Do you think this will be the next big thing in 2015??
Ice cream is great. Put it on your face!
A freelance journalist, Esther Honig discovers if a global beauty standard actually exists?
Long summer nights can leave your face looking tired and dull. Here's some tips that work :)
Never waste money or time on professional makeup again!
Easy DIY instructions to get salon-style eye makeup looks at home!
Get your nails ready for summer. Here are some easy ideas that make your nails look fabulous, #3 is perfect.
Amazing DIY manicure ideas for Feathered nails (yes, those are real feathers)!
Amazingly EASY beauty tricks!
Fun DIY hairstyle ideals with braids!
The typical girl that is portrayed in the media is not typical at all. Let's take a look at REAL women.
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